EPSON ERC-18 Purple Ink Ribbons


From $107.88 Per 12/Case

  • 48/Case
  • 24/Case
  • 12/Case

EPSON ERC-18 Purple Ink Ribbons. These ink Ribbons are compatible with the following Printers:Epson 2630, 2631, 2632, 2635, 2636, 2637, 2640, 2641, 2642, 2645, 2646, 2647, 2660, 2661, 2662, 2665, 2666, 2667, ERC-18, M-2600, M-2630, M-2631, Epson M-2632, M-2635, M-2636, M-2637, M-2640, M-2641, M-2642, M-2645, M-2646, M-2647, M-2660, M-2661, M-2662, M-2665, M-2666, M-2667, Anker ADS-34, ADS-44, Aster 318, 329, 912, FR-4000, FR-4300, GA-300, GA-318, GA-329, GA-911, GA-912, Casio 2208, 4105, 4200, 4500, 4100-SR, 4200-SR, CE-4100, CE-4105, CE-4110, CE-4115, CE-4415, CE-4500, CE-4515, CE-4530, CE-4540, CE-4550, CE-4600, CE-4615, CE-4630, CE-4680, CK-3000, CK-4000, SA1000, SA-2000, SA-3000, SP-2000, SR-2000, TK-1200, TK-2100, TK-2200, TK-2600, TK-300, TK-3000, TK-4000, TK-4000C, TK-4100, TK-4200, TK-4300, TK-4500, TK-4630, TK-600, Elite ECR-6000, Fujitsu G-1400, G-1800, G-3200, G-3210, G-3210, G-3220, G-3800, G-3800 Journal, G-3820, G-3840 Journal, G-7540, Fujitsu G-7500, Gilbarco TCR-14, TCR-15, , TCR-6, Eps2666, Ithaca 90 Plus, JCM Gold 3800, 3815, ERC-18 381, 382, 4800, Kingtron CX-Series, FX-64, JX-50, JX-64, RX-64, Omron RS-55, RS-5500, RS-5510, RS-55-40, RS-5541, RS-5543, RS-5550, RS-55-60, RS-5560, RS-8500, RS-85-50, RS-8550, 563, 5540, 5541, 5550, 5560, 8500, RS55, RS55-10, RS55-40, RS55-41, RS55-60, RS-85, SP-85, Panasonic Gastroline, SP-85, SAM4s ER-5100, ER-5115, ER-5140, Samsung ERP-400, ER-4640, ER-4800, ER-4900, ER-4915, ER-4940, ER-5100, ER-5115, ER-5140, ER-8000, SER-6500, SER-6500ii Cash Registers, Sanyo 6000, 6100, 6400, ECR-640, ECR-6400, ECR-641, ECR-6410, ER-2640, ER-2975, ER-3100, ER-3110, ER-3115, ER-3300, ER-3310, ER-3311, ECR-568, ECR-835, Sharp 3110, 2322-RCZER-29-SP, ER-3100, ER-3110, ER-3250, ER-3311, ER-4100, ER-4110, ER-8000, SP-87, 3100, 3310, 4100, 4110, ER-2623, ER-2640, ER-29 SP, ER-3115, ER-3300, ER-3310, ER-4100S, ER-4110S , Sweda 1930, TEC MA-1070, Teknika G-3200, G-3210, G-3220, G-38, G-3800, G-3820, G-3830, G-3838, G-3840, G-7500, G-7540, Towa ET-8623, ET-8626, MP-3, Prosper Models, Super-2,

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 6 in